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Dominate the world of mood _ cate with food palm opportunely

Dominate a sentiment with food palm opportunely 2012-05-22 16:21:36 Accuse fruit of mood corn vegetable to be able to make a person happy with food palm opportunelyCore clew: After absorbing a few nutriment when the body, pass treatment, can form corresponding nerve to give qualitative, affect them thereby the chroma level inside body, affect the […]

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The white-collar fights fatigue food the world of cate of _ of 6 big principles

The white-collar fights fatigue food 6 big principles 2012-02-07 12:47:23 The white-collar fights fatigue food 6 big principlesIntroductive: If say to be able to explain fatigue reason looks in us,be normal, so, look when it when the unidentified, body after perhaps resting still cannot regain the cause, we can be anxious very much. Below 6 […]

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The world of cate of _ of 10 kinds of food that cannot eat raw

10 kinds of food that cannot eat raw 2012-02-07 12:37:33 One avoid eats bright day lily raw. Bright day lily contains meadow saffron alkaline, enter human body to form oxidation 2 colchicum are alkaline, extremely poisonous, edible 3-20 milligram but deadly. 2 avoid eat water chest nut raw. Often eat unripe water chest nut, among […]

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Cannot not tell the world of cate of _ of fruit nutrition effect

Cannot not know fruit nutrition effect 2012-02-07 12:35:08 The nutrition of banana reachs effectThe person that has banana to be able to help inner weakness, sensitivity breaks up the mood of pessimistic, be agitated, keep the state of mind that holds gentle, joy. Because it can add the 5- hydroxide color that makes a person […]

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Take the world of knowledge _ cate of the egg

Have the knowledge of the egg 2012-02-07 12:20:38 InNational common people regards the egg as cordial, often edible egg can enhance memory, still can protect heart and cancer of arterial and hemal, precaution, defer consenescence. If cannot be machined,can mix edible, cordial can turn into ” reject ” , it is even ” drugs ” […]

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Vegetable fights the world of cate of 13 reasons _

Vegetable fights 13 causes of cancer 2012-02-07 12:18:49 People everyday prandial in cannot leave vegetable naturally, it is the main source that human body place wants nutriment not only, also be the important matter foundation with sponsorial body indispensable health. Fresh vegetable not only delicious and goluptious, nutrition is rich, and still have value of […]

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Drink the world of cate of _ of action of 8 great health care of tea

Drink the action of 8 great health care of tea 2012-02-07 12:11:48 1, excited action: The theine of tea can be excited central nervous system, the help is people hearten spirit, further thinking, eliminate exhaustion, improve work efficiency. 2, diuresis action: The theine in tea and tea are alkaline have diuresis effect, use at treating […]

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Send the world of cate of _ of cancerous food fair a list of names posted up

Send cancerous food fair a list of names posted up 2012-02-07 12:03:06 According toIntroduce, concerned branch is listed recently blacklist of the food that cause cancer: Salty fishThe 2 methylic nitrite that salty fish produces. Shrimp paste, salty egg, pickles, sausage, ham, bacon contains carcinogenic substance likewise, answer to eat less as far as possible. […]

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What dinner eats is too good easy cause the world of cancer _ cate

What dinner eats is too good easy cause cancer 2012-02-07 12:01:38 Because the job is busy, a lot of people are lunch is dealt with casually, dinner is great fast a cheek. Have more very person, for ” reward with food and drink ” oneself suffer ” grievance ” intestines and stomach, nightly drink bit […]

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The practice of soup of collect the Song Dynasty

Come from: ?   bright punish? Print this pageDuplicate network addressBrowse: Second Effect: Hairdressing, enhance soup of resistance, preserve one’s health, be good at lienal raise a stomach   Brief introduction: In October revolution moment, large quantities of Muscovite come to Shanghai, brought vodka not only, also brought Russian styleOn the west dish. And this […]