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The injury reachs the 5 big gestures of beautiful bosom

Plump, forceful, healthy breast, it is the explanation of female beauty, also be a kind of pursuit of modern woman. Nevertheless, the breast also is the female’s weakest position, get more easily the encroachment of the disease. Go against even undesirable pose bosom health. .hzh {display: none; }    Bow-backed: Bow-backed meeting oppresses bosom is […]

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5 big undesirable gestures endanger bosom health

  Bow-backed: .hzh {display: none; } Bow-backed meeting oppresses bosom is organized, time grew, with respect to the health that can affect bosom. So, should maintain hold one’s head high the pose that holds out a bosom.   Bow: Because working rhythm is nervous, often collapse in spite of oneself waist, increase the burden of lumbar […]

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The woman is in season quarter vigilance is infecund ” killer “

At present Chinese inland Yo age infecund disease incidence of a disease already was achieved in the crowd 10% to 15 the left and right sides, and inflammation of department of gynaecology did not get be remedialed effectively already was becominged causing one of infecund main factors. This is Beijing University basis of director of […]

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New mother is postpartum ” United States colour ” eat

New mother appears easily after giving birth to darling the phenomenon such as blain of dark and gloomy of facial ministry dropsy, complexion, long blain, and edible a few strong and handsome medicinal foods, can remove good refreshment however the effect. Eat of these a few postpartum hairdressing is very absorbing? Will learning to do […]

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4 healthy blind angle of feminine easy negligence

.hzh {display: none; }  Ignore is long-term constipation Problem: Constipation is to show one individual a week is solved the frequency is less than 3 times. Although brief constipation does not represent intestines and stomach unusual, but if costive phenomenon exceeds 3 weeks of above continuously, criterion should go to a doctor of as soon as […]

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How does the woman spend the turn of life

A lot of women are when problem of experience the turn of life, do not know how to do, often delay treatment because of this, bring about accentuation of symptom of the turn of life, lead to serious consequence even. So, the turn of life how to do, how should cast off the worry of […]

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How should pregnancy work

Pregnancy is not those who say what is not able oh! And pregnant woman is between gestation do some of housework appropriately, to the mother child health is beneficial. But pregnancy labor has exquisite, we look together below. .hzh {display: none; } Cook As far as possible need not the hand is direct in immerge […]

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What eat effeminate color is bad

It what eat is good to what eat? How to achieve the regulate the menstrual function that raise blood, hairdressing through food? The human body influence as a result of congenital gift difference and acquired condition, can form the constitution of different type, from yin and yang two respects cent has: Slant at deficiency of […]

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Pregnant produces period health care: Pregnancy thinks the ailment that be less than is killed greatly

Do you know, a few ordinary ailment, possible meeting is caused bad to cure a serious illness, in those a few months that conceive darling in your body, do you need special attention: ? 〔 of ┬ of suddenly of bursa of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of […]

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Female menstruation is not moved, from raise liver to begin take good care of sb

If diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain not easy, blood of gas of the whole body moves to be met disorder, appearHypertensive, digestion is disorder wait for a disease, the woman still can appearMenstruation is not movedsymptom. Accordingly, computer gens preserve one’s health wants from raise ” liver ” begin. .hzh {display: none; } […]